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Corporate Teams

Wásábi Coaching offers you tailor-made coaching programs.

You can choose to work with pure business coaching techniques only or a combination of business coaching techniques and equine facilitated learning and coaching techniques.

Working with the groups and the horses brings huge learnings. Through different exercises, as a whole group, or one on one, the participants become aware of their relationships, how they communicate, how big is the gap between who they really are and who they pretend to be in a corporate/group environment.  They will learn to realign themselves and realign with others for a better team building.

The horses help to develop one’s leadership, communication skills and creativity in respect to the other team members.

If you want to enhance leadership and communication skills in your company or if you are facing a team conflict, bring your team together at Wásábi Coaching.   Through simple exercises with or without the horses, we will identify what to work on with all your team members to bring harmony and cooperation!


Sports Teams

Motivation, cooperation, leadership, respect, communication, are essential skills in a sport team.

Harmony can be lost for various reasons.  Don’t let this situation deteriorate. Ask about our one or two days coaching programs to restore team synergy.

Costs :

The content and prices vary according to your needs and requests (type of work, length, ...)

An example of what we can offer : 1,5 day workshop "Leadership and communication" including :

- 3 hours in the afternoon : either on your site (prices will vary depending on your location) or on site.

- 7,5 hours on site from 9 am to 4:30 pm

- the essentiel learnings from the horses and on how to work with the horses in the coaching process, links with leadership and communication (information, role play, individual and team reflecting work)

- 2 to 3 coaching sessions with the horses, depending on the size of the group : exercices focused on leadership development (individual and group) and on group communication.

- classic coaching to embody the learnings from the work with the horses using certified techniques.

- the work documents (before, during and after the workshop)

- snacks, lunchs, drinks

Cost : 3500 $ + tx (package for a group from 4 to 8 people)  - please contact us for larger groups.

* We can assist you with local lodging solutions in the magnificent Laurentians area for the 2 days on site option.

This budget is valid until December 2017.

Workshop Leadership and CommunicationWorkshop Leadership and Communication