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For the first time in Quebec/Canada - one hour from Montreal - from July 19th till July 26th ! 

Attend the Level One TRAINING IN EQUINE FACILITATED LEARNING AND COACHING from the Academy for Coaching with Horses founded by Kathy Pike.

You will participate in the 3-day Dance of Authenticity through the Wisdom of the Horse program, have one day off, then continue with 4 full days of EFLC Level One training designed to begin developing the ability to coach a client in the presence of a horse. You will uncover new skills based on a body-centered awareness with an emphasis on coaching.

Through your own experiences with the horses during the program, you have the opportunity not only to refine your skills in working with others, but also to deepen your ability to communicate and work with horses. Level One offers a stimulating environment to develop your unique voice and focus in the rapidly growing movement of partnering with horses as teachers, mentors and guides for humans.

This program is facilitated by Anouk Lorie, Advanced Facilitator and Level One Provider from the Academy for Coaching with Horses, founder of Wásábi Coaching.

If you find your passion and would love to continue to the whole yearlong certification program, you will be interviewed by Kathy Pike immediately after completing your Level One, and have the possibility to continue your training in the United States (with Kathy Pike and Anouk Lorie)

For more info, please feel free to contact Anouk Lorie 450-340-0535 or

And visit the Academy for Coaching with Horses's website for detailed information and sign up process!

The Level one is also offered by Kathy Pike (May 16-23 - Anouk will be assisting this one too) and by Jackie Hibbard (June 20-27) both in Colorado - So three opportunities to join this incredible training !