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I am a strong believer that you CAN change your life.

I did it. 

The Horses SHOWED me how to get there.

It was fast. Powerful. 

You won’t go back home or at work being the same after experiencing a face to face with a Horse.

You will go back reclaiming who you really are and what you really want.

Anouk (Founder or Wásábi Coaching)   


Partner with Horses in your personal or team coaching process

to open your eyes to yourself, to see clearly who you are, to realize that you are a resourceful person, to reclaim your personal power, to find your path.


Experience the power of being coached by horses and their human guides through individual or group sessions, or by participating in one of our workshops.


Do you want to make changes in your life ?

  • To find a balance in your private or professional life ?  
  • To experience growth on your personal development path or identify your life mission ?  
  • To find out what stops you from moving forward?
  • To develop your leadership and communication skills ?
  • To learn how to establish boundaries?
  • To access your own personal ressources during a transition period (death, divorce, illness, loss of your job, ...) 
  • To ... fill in the blank and we will help you !

Don't wait.  Why wait ?

It's NOW that we decide to live our life or to enjoy different ways of being or to perform differently at work.

I had been waiting too long and I got overwhelmed, I even got sick.  Disease (dis-ease) is a message sent by your body that something is going wrong in our life.  

Don't wait.

Learn NOW how to change your life to what you want it to be.  

The Horses will show you.

With their high sensitivity, these wonderful animals will guide you, with your coach, on your journey to reclaim your life.

The Horses are amazing teachers, enabling fast, clear and sustainable learning.

It’s effective, it’s fast, it’s powerful.


Our Mission

To help people, in our community and beyond, lead their most fulfilling lives.

Using a proven mind-body coaching technique, our Coaches and Horses partner with you to help identify your life purpose, augment self confidence, enhance emotional intelligence, release unconscious patterns, ...  according to the  specific needs of each person. 

Moving beyond your reality, greater level of consciousness and change are all possible.


"Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging"

Joseph Campbell.     

©James Anaquad Kleinert


© Wásábi Coaching

What we offer

Coaching sessions for :

 How we can help 

Coaching is NOT a therapy (click here for more details), Coaching assumes that everybody has huge personal skills and resources.  We help people to identify those skills, access their own resources  and set them on their growth path.
Coaching can help with :
All : search for a meaningful life, a passion, find your authentic self, gain assertiveness, trust, motivation, self-awareness, self-esteem and leadership skills, remove or establish boundaries, communication in relationships,  move on after - divorce, separation, loss of your job, illness, PTSD, loss of a loved one, ...(this does not replace a therapy, but offers an additional tool to move on)  
Children :  drop-outs and light delinquency, difficult relationships, attachment issues, loss of identity,  guidance toward their future, ...
Corporate/Sports teams : team conflicts, motivation, leadership, communication, assertiveness, group interaction...
First responders/Veterans : help with the effects of trauma/PTSD, reorientation, relationships, conflicts ...

Do you need previous experience with horses?

No.  This work is done only through interaction on the ground. The horses are not mounted and therefore, no previous experience with the horses is required.  The work on the ground, with the horses, occurs in a safe setting, with a certified facilitator.

Why Coaching with Horses ?

Incredible teachers and guides

© Wásábi Coaching

The nature of horses, as prey animals, gives them the exceptional ability to use their senses and collect information from their environment.  With regards to humans (predators), they will use all their capabilities to evaluate a person's emotions, intentions, body language, becoming incredible teachers to how we, as humans, relate to ourselves and to others. Contrary to other domestic animals, horses never try to please you; they are fiercely independent. You are then guided by a human-horse team to achieve a high level of authenticity, enabling the connection with the horse, enabling the understanding of possible parallels with your everyday life.  The process used involves emotional intelligence, the conscious/unconscious, visceral experiencing, body awareness.  In addition, horses have the unique ability to feel emotions and blocks in humans.  Their sensitivity, their reactions, and guidance along with the coach, enables people to find their own resources to solve questions, to become aware, and to grow.

Wásábi, an Algonquian word, that means "eyes wide open", "seeing clearly".

The name Wásábi Coaching has been chosen to honor our local Native American Ancestors and the meaning of it is highly related to the experience people will have while working on their personal journey with the Horses: these incredible beings help humans to open their eyes to their personal truth and to see more clearly how to make changes and choices.


We do NOT provide medical or any other health care or fitness advice, diagnosis or treatment. We do NOT substitute for specific medical or mental health advice, examination, diagnostic or treatment.