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Various workshops will be arranged with EFLC colleagues in the coming months  - check the website regularly!



© James Anaquad Kleinert© James Anaquad KleinertCertified coach in “Equine Facilitated Learning and Coaching” (EFLC) since May 2016, with Advanced status since 2017.

This 1,5 year long programme is taught by Kathy Pike at the Academy for Coaching with Horses in Berthoud, Colorado, and guarantees you a certified facilitator in equine assisted learning and coaching.

Anouk graduated as Certified Chakra Coach from The Academy for Coaching with Horses in August 2016, combining her passion for this energetic system with the Horses to help the Humans and the Horses to bring back balance and vitality in themselves.

She is an international speaker for Kathy Pike's 2018 Annual Conference and Retreat in Arizona "Harmony with Horse: Relating Deeply to the Being and Spirit of Horse", and an assistant at Kathy Pike's Academy for Coaching with Horses yearlong Certification Program.

She also holds a Master of Sciences in Business Engineering, a MBA in Operations Research, a Degree in Early Childhood Care Centers and gained more than 20 years experience in the High Academic and Corporate worlds. Born in Belgium, she decided to radically change her life and moved to Canada three years ago, restarting everything from zero.

"I have been challenged by life in many ways but the horses have been present since I was a young child. They were my passion, my reason to fight as a teenager. They taught me so many things and continue to do so. In 2013, once again hardly challenged by life, I decided that it was time to live my dreams, to start walking on the path in the direction of my true self and to find my life purpose. The starting point was moving from Belgium to Canada, the call to the horses then became huge and I found Kathy Pike and her Academy for coaching with horses (click here for more info on Kathy).  Combining my strongest desire to help people, with working with the horses as guides, opened up the vision I had for my mission. 

I have had many choices in my life.  Sometimes I made mistakes but these mistakes were learning experiences.  But at some point what and how I was living brought me to an extreme situation and I became seriously ill. I decided, I choose, to fight and make huge changes. Being coached with the help of the horses in an Equine Facilitated Learning and Coaching process at that moment saved me. It gave me the opportunity to completely restore my resilience. I was able to RECLAIM MY LIFE. 

Now, I have found my path, regained my true self, have an urge to live, to enjoy life and, decidedly live from my passion. I want to use my experiences and learnings to help other people on their path.  I want to help people before they get sick, before the "dis-ease" becomes so overwhelming that the body expresses it by an illness or huge pain. This journey may be difficult, but what you gain is so beautiful and the horses have such big hearts, and are such incredible teachers.  That’s why I am here today.  To help you on your journey.  No matter what happened in your past, you have the choice, NOW.  In the present moment.  MOVE, reclaim who you are and where you want to go.

Join me, join the Horses !"




I hold a Master degree in Business Administration (HEC Brussels), graduated as a Chartered Accountant from the Institute of Accountants and Tax Consultants in Belgium and as ICF Life and Business Coach (training program provided by « Coaching de Gestion » - International Coach Federation – )

For more than 20 years, I served as an advisor for professionnals and owners-managers of small and medium-sized companies. My professional activities offered me the opportunity and the gift to be able to assist customers in their professional progress, development of their business, recruitment, training, supervision and coaching of executives and employees, company transfers, take-overs and estates, mergers and acquisitions, and many other situations of change and challenges within a company.

My role as confidant and privileged interactor with my clients constitutes my greatest satisfaction and professional pride. My passion for human relations and the constant search for ways of development and improvement brought me quite naturally to join the training program of Coaching de Gestion Inc.

I will act as Life coach and Business Coach for Wásábi Coaching.




Noemi was born around horses ! From birth, they have been her passion and now are part of her professional life as equine massotherapist, trainer and horse riding teacher.

Gifted with high sensitivity, huge respect for the horses as well as for the humans, Noemi will support you during your sessions, in your coaching process, and ensure you and your horse's safety.



More Partners to come