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We highly appreciate people working from their heart, people who have "helping others" in their genes.  We couldn't operate without their help and are very grateful to have Nancy and Brigitte with us.

Our volunteers


© Wásábi Coaching

Nancy, horse handler

"As I am totally passionate about Nature, working with the horses is a gift for me.  To help people is my second nature.  Present at the sessions, I ensure the safety and well-being of the horses and the clients.  I have been amazed to witness, session after session, watching the horse respond differently to each human's emotions and point out unexplored feelings."

© Wásábi Coaching

Brigitte, administrative and greatest supporter

"I just retired from a high stress Executive Assistant career, and I was seeking a new goal and purpose for my life. The Wásábi project touched my heart as it helped me as well as showed me the potential for the Community, specifically the children and veterans in need.  I bring my professional experience to help in the launching process of Wásábi, and assist in various aspects of the organization. I feel this is part of my path."