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"Some testimonials from persons (teenagers and adults, men, women) who attended one or more sessions between July 2015 and now :

« Being retired has given me the opportunity to explore many options of what I would like to do with the rest of my life.  Horse Coaching with Anouk has enabled me to open my eyes to who I am, what my limiting beliefs are and what I need to feel fullfilled.  The sessions are an awesome experience between you and the horse.  The horse connects to you at a visceral level and you just need to pay attention to understand their guidance or the life lesson they are giving you.  I come away from these sessions totally at peace with a smile that lasts for days.  I have a photo of myself during one of these sessions as a screen saver on my cell as an instant reminder of my lessons learned - instant smile just from the memory.

Thank you so much Lily (and Anouk), you are my guiding light. »

B., Saint-Sauveur


"I had the privilege to be coached by the team Wásábi. After a session, changes appeared in me. I felt a control listening to what the horse sent back to me as a message! The coaching from Wásábi brings us to the fact that our 2 internal powers (ours and the horse’s) meet so that the healing process starts. It is wonderful, the horse cannot judge us, he listens to us and brings up what is hidden in us. I wish, from all my heart, that this project becomes alive because " it is as to give to the next one ", it can help and heal so much! Everybody is attracted towards these so intelligent, mysterious and sensitive animals. It is a unique experience, lived very simply, where the time stops and let space to highly intense moments in the nature. No word can describe what I was able to feel, you have to live it. "

N. Morin-Heights


"Generally, our emotions, good and bad, are visitors who only pass. However, it happens that these are transformed into invaders who put in danger our physical as well as our mental well-being. When I appeared at the first session of coaching with Wásábi, it was Syria inside me, I had pain and I felt extremely vulnerable. With an immense respect and an innate sensitivity, Anouk guided me in my meeting with the horses who showed me what I was feeling while thinking (as a mirror). By their attitudes, the blockings which prevented me from moving forward. by their reactions, they also showed me the way to transcend this ill-being that had invaded me. It was the beginning of a reconciliation with my vulnerability and the life that was, is and will be. I’m really grateful.  Anouk, thank you from the bottom of my heart !"

 J. Saint-Sauveur


 « In autumn 2015, we met Anouk for a session of coaching with horses. My 14-year-old son suffers from an important attention deficit with hyperactivity which harms him enormously in its academic and social activities. We hope that the contacts he will have with the horses will help to show him that he can live something positive and regain self-confidence.  During the session, my son spent a whole morning focused on this only moment. During all the session, he remained completely calm and followed carefully the instructions. The horse with who he had chosen to work offered him a fully positive attention. For me, who observed the scene by far, it was a moment out of time. At this moment, I was very pride of my son.   I believe, sincerely, that my son and myself touched the happiness during this session. We will repeat the experience with great pleasure!» 

L., Val David


« A few months ago, I lived an unforgettable experience with Anouk Lorie. She made me discover my first session of coaching with horses. This session had for purpose, to be accompanied on the identification of personal objectives.  The horse, with its exceptional sensory capacities, supported me, by connecting with me, enabling me to discover my internal limits. By making several exercises with this one, I was able to discover sides of myself whom I did not know previously. The coaching revealed me challenges and psychological aspects which are connected with it. I believe that this session helped me enormously and brought me new manners to solve my problems by myself. The coaching with horses, is something standing out for the personal path."

 A.,  Prévost


 «It was for me a first experience of coaching with horses and also a first close contact with them. I discovered a very powerful and effective way to contact personal issues and to start a resolution. It was very surprising to notice the sensitivity of the horse to our internal reality. Furthermore, they have the surprising capacity to confirm us the accuracy of our felt. The progress of a session brings us totally at oneself’s heart; in respect and with Anouk's benevolence. Also, the frame inside which the session happens is very safe, the horse remaining at all times in control. An unforgettable meeting!»

 C. , Morin-Heights


 « First of all, one thank you to you and Lily for your presence, your benevolence and the awarenesses. The coaching with horses is really very different from a coaching with the human being. The horse sees in us and feels the work to be done in an instant, impossible to hide behind a mental facade. It brings us back to our body, to our felt and to our feelings. The session with Lily brought me to overtake my fears of the horses. Today, I can tap into the energy released during the session, to work on my self-confidence, the pride to be myself in the action and the implementation and firm respect of my boundaries. Thank you for the highlit of these lessons that help me to move forward on my path.»

 V., Belgique


"When Anouk spoke to me about Coaching with horses, I was intrigued and taken by the idea. I know horses for a long time but couldn’t imagine their purpose in a life coaching. On the other hand, to know or not the horses really has no impact on the result of the session. It is just necessary to be open to try a new type of coaching.  Before the session, Anouk asked me to fill in a questionnaire to help her to prepare the session. At the beginning of the day, she reviewed my answers, while deepening the situation or the behavior I wanted to change. Although we did not know each other for a long time, I felt that Anouk was attuned and listened to me with empathy, without any judgment.  This discussion allowed Anouk to know which tender spot to work on. By asking me questions, she made me think, refocus on my own feelings and urged me to find the answers in myself. My first contact with horses was visual because I had to describe them as well as what I was feeling. Thanks to my answers, Anouk chose a horse with which I was associated. During the individual contact with the horse, I realized that its attitude reflected mine, as a mirror. The horse changed from attitude only if, me, I changed mine. It is impressive and very instructive. Thanks to this coaching with the horses, I was able to identify which attitude I had to adopt to highlight my "authentic self", my authentic personality and I learned to become more attuned to my emotions. "

V., Laval


"First of all, I want to say that Anouk is an exceptional coach. She’s doing the job very well, because she is a woman you can trust and she makes us feel safe. The coaching with the horses is a way of discovering, and learning, more about ourselves. The purpose is to face difficulties, to solve them and then to accept them. I liked a lot my two sessions with the horses and Anouk, that brought me more confidence."

 M., Morin-Heights


 "I have to say that I was a little anxious about experiencing my first session of coaching with horses. Although very curious and having precise expectations, I was afraid I could not open easily, either to myself, or to Anouk. Not easy to be on your own, to reveal your true self, especially when our education, our professional environment and our circle of acquaintances cut us from our feelings, from the sensations of our body. Previously to this first experience, I don’t remember having been alert to what my body could tell or teach me. In my perception, a man/a boy must be strong, safe, balanced, we must be able to trust him and lean on him. No space thus for all what could be linked to a weakness ;  as for example to listen to the feelings and to the messages given to us through our body. For all these reasons, the " Body Scan " was for me a challenge and a revelation. At first, I had many difficulties to be totally focused on the various parts of my body, and to be able to identify what I was feeling in each area. Step by step, when I was able to chase away « the hamster » that was disrupting my thoughts and not to pay any more attention to the disturbances coming from the environment, I became aware of sensations I was hiding up to there: areas of pains, tensions, knots. Afterwards, the work that has been done with my " two coaches " - the human being and the horse - and the dialogue created with them,  allowed me to highlight several learnings that enables me today to be more tuned in to the way I feel and to my personal needs. The interaction with the horse in particular allowed me not only to perceive certain hidden "truths", but the images and the clear messages given by my equine coach still allow me today to anchor the in-depth messages. Anouk’s support and questioning, everything in presence, harmony, respect and softness, made this session a very enlightening experience. My second session was very different as for its course, but brought as intense and enlightening learnings. It was an active session with the horse. I was confident and quiet. And much more in connection with myself. I was convinced to be able to make this exercise an easy successful experience. The lesson that my four legs coach brought me were once again revealing: the mare confirmed my self-confidence where I was confident, and revealed me my fears when I doubted. Staggering! I realized to what extent it was essential for me to (re)gain control of my life, to be attuned to my expectations and to my dreams, and to suppress obstacles that should not be, or no more be, on my path. What surprised me the most in these two experiences, is the simplicity and the speed of how the results were achieved. The relation with the horse and the natural and soothing environment also bring a dimension of authenticity to the approach. I will never thank enough my coaches for all what they brought me. I take away numerous learnings and a new insight about the way I would like, from now on, to move forward in my life."

C., Morin-Heights