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5Chakras and Coaching with Horses 

An intensive workshop - One day a week over 6 weeks - or more intensive on request -

in private (VIP) or group sessions - Next group 3 day workshop : July 5, 6, 7 2019


Are you looking for a coach to enable you to identify the blocages are in your life ? Enabling you to open and balance your energy centers ? To re-establish your vital energy ?

This powerful program is made for you.

Let yourself be guided by the horses and your coach to :

- discover, awaken, become conscious of the imbalances of your different chakras, 

- learn different tools to re-balance them

- identify and unblock limiting beliefs and patterns, find the way to your authentic self and your life force

For each chakra, we explain you their goals, roles, characteristics, work different movements, practice meditation and meet the horses for a unique and different type of coaching session, based on © Kathy Pike' s Mind Body Spirit Method.


Every living being has energy centers (or chakras) that can be balanced and rejuvenated for higher levels of health (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, ...).  

Learn how to work with these energy centers, these wheels of energy, to create wellness, to achieve the vital energy you need to flourish, remain balanced and vibrant.

If the spinning process of one chakra is too slow, too fast or blocked, it will not only affect this chakra but all the energy centers around it.  Knowing that each Chakra governs specific glands and organs in the physical body, and specific emotional, mental and spiritual aspects, it is essential to bring the spinning process back to balance.

This system helps you to tap into your vital life energy, to support you, (and your horse if you have one), on your pathway to achieving the vital energy you need to create whatever you are wanting in your life.  And as all energetic tools, when you find more balance, the people around you, (including your horses), will feel the difference; they will be touched by this change in your vibration. 

When working in conjunction with the Mind Body Method (©Kathy Pike), you learn to become attuned to the sensations in your bodies, attuned to where the energy is blocked or out of balance and from there change can happen. By exploring the chakras, you will explore your physical, emotional and sensing body as well as your intellect.  You will work to balance it, to come back to your authentic self.

Combining the work on your chakras, with the coaching and the help of the horses is a really powerful experience of growth.  

The horses are wonderful chakra healers for humans

They instinctively feel any unbalance in your chakra system; they feel where the vibration is different and they give immediate bioenergetics feedback. Partnering with the Horses and receiving EFLC has a deep and powerful effect.


We offer :

private sessions, one day a week, over 6 weeks, - or on shorter periods on your request - exploring each chakra, working with movements, meditation, and experimenting different coaching situations with the horses. 

group workshops from 2 to 6 days, locally and internationally, check out our calendar or contact us for more details.


NO PREVIOUS experience with horses is required !


This workshop is leaded by Anouk Lorie, EFLC certified coach and Certified Chakras and Horses Coach.



Contact us for more information !


Cost :


The cost per person per very very small group workshop (minimum 2, maximum 4 participants) is : $1070.

This cost includes :

- 6 sessions of 5 hours each (teachings, movements, meditations, coaching with horses, hands-on moments with the horses at each session)

- you receive a workbook at the end of the workshop for continuous development

- work documents (preparations and sessions)

- snacks, drinks


We also offer a VIP, one on one workshop, the cost for this is $1570

This cost includes  :

- 6 sessions of 4 hours each (teachings, movements, meditations, coaching with horses, hands-on moments with the horses at each session)

- you receive a workbook at the end of the workshop for continuous development

- work documents (preparations and sessions)

- snacks, drinks

These prices are valid till December 31st 2019


For the horse owners,

Learn how to work your horse's chakra system to bring vitality and support well-being.

Learn that your horse can adopt certain behaviors according to an imbalance in your own chakra system, and how important it is, for both of you, to balance your chakra system too.  Working on yourself, you will be able to support the re-balancing of your horse's system.

We offer private sessions for the owner and his/her horse, contact us for more information.