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In addition to our sessions, we offer a variety of workshops or we can tailor-make one just for your specific needs.

We also love to partner with experts in other fields to offer you amazing experiences with our Horses !

Scheduled coaching workshops


 "Enhance your coaching through Horse Wisdom" 

ICF approved - 16 CCE








Interacting closely with horses, will allow you to improve three coaching core competencies:

  • Create a safe and supportive environment that allows ongoing individual respect and trust.(competency 3)
  • Enhance your ability to be fully conscious and create spontaneous relationships using openness, and flexibility to “dance in the moment” with the client. (competency 4)
  • Improve your personal skills to communicate directly in order to create an authentic and effective dialogue while empowering your clients to reach the same level of effectiveness. (competency 7)

Why work with horses? As prey animals they give instant bio-feedback to humans. « They sense and respond to a person’s intentions, emotions and thoughts that are conveyed subconsciously. Through the experience of observing a horse’s response to their requests and directions, each person learns how to communicate more effectively, face their fears and manage their emotions, and become more consistent and congruent with their actions. » Kathy Pike – founder of the Academy for Coaching with Horses  

Receiving and understanding feedback from a horse lets us learn about our presence to ourselves, to others and to everything that happens "here and now". Horses help us learn about how we relate to ourselves and each other. It also teaches us the impact and the space we occupy in a relationship. It is also about teaching us how to express ourselves clearly, and authentically.

Let the horses be your guides to enhance these essential competencies that pave the way for powerful questions and feedback, exploration of possibilities, unforeseen discoveries, etc. Thus helping your client reach his/her objectives faster and more efficiently.

This program is a partnership between Anouk Lorie, certified coach in equine facilitated learning and coaching (Wásábi Coaching), Nathalie Dubé MCC - Supervisor and Christian Bourcy, professional coach in agility.

Our workshop is an invitation to explore how quickly and sustainably you can develop these skills to awaken and let emerge the master coach in each of us.

No previous horse experience is required – all interactions are on the ground in a safe setting with certified coaches.


We offer this workshop 5 times a year in Canada :

  • April 5-6-7 2019 in Morin-Heights, QC, Canada - In French
  • May 31-June 1-2 in Morin-Heights, QC, Canada - In English
  • August 9-10-11 2019 in Morin-Heights, QC, Canada - In French
  • August 14-15-16 2019 in Morin-Heights, QC, Canada - In French
  • November 1-2-3 2019 in Morin-Heights, QC, Canada - In French 

 To register : call +1-450-340-0535

Do you want this workshop for your own group ?  Or in another location ?  

Call +1-450-340-0535  and we will serve you.


"New Resolutions"


The year is coming to an end.  Like me, did you start to reflect on 2018 ... to think about 2019 ?

To think and reflect, I love to stand next to my horses, to put my hands in their long and warm winter hair.  To breathe with them. To BE with them. They stand next to me, patiently.  They offer me their huge presence. Then I listen. I notice their responses, even the subtle ones, when my thoughts go away, create an emotion, meet a blocage.  I listen to myself too, t what my body has to tell me. The nature surrounds me, the snow soften all the sounds.

Every time I do this, I receive more clarity. I feel stronger.  I make choices. I embody them.

And when I leave, I take the image of that precious moment with me.  Full of gratitude for these Beautiful Beings and what they offered my.


You too, come and spend one full day with the Horses.  Slow down.  Be.  Listen.  Receive clarity.  Identify your new resolutions, identify the ones you have been trying to implement for years now but haven't yet.  Make choices. Receive tools to support your commitments. Take the Horses' teachings with you back home.

You will learn to listen to the horses, to listen to yourself. You will meditate and reflect with the horses around you, surrounded by the woods.

You will then have your own moment, your own dialogue with the horses, with yourself, guided by your human coach.

  - no horse experience neither meditation experience required - 


We offer this workshop on :

  • December 1st 2018 in Morin-Heights, QC, Canada - In French & English
  • January 5th 2019 in Morin-Heights, QC, Canada - In French & English

Do you want this workshop for your own group (min 4/max 6 participants) ?  

Call us and we will serve you.


Workshop facilitated by Anouk Lorie - certified EFLC coach

Cost : 170 $ tx incl

Maximum 6 participants

From 9:30am till 4:30pm

Includes : all materials, coaching with the Horses and Anouk, snacks and drinks.


To register :

call +1-450-340-0535

or email


"Reclaiming my place"

Do you find yourself (regularly) thinking “nononono” and then you blurt out “yes”?

Is taking your place in your family, at work, with your friends something you are struggling with ?  

Do you usually thing about the others first and forget about yourself ?

Ready to learn what is stopping you from :

- taking your place, reclining your space,

- setting boundaries

- expressing yourself

- being respected ?

Spend one day with the horses and your human coach. They will feel and teach you where your blocks are and how to access your own resources to change these patterns and behaviors. A full day of intense coaching for immediate results.


Workshop facilitated by Anouk Lorie - certified EFLC coach

Cost : 247 $ tx incl

Maximum 4 participants

From 9:30am till 4:30pm

Includes : all materials, coaching with the Horses and Anouk, snacks and drinks.


To register : 

call +1-450-340-0535 

or email


 "Danser avec les Chevaux - Introduction"

Becoming mindful of our body, of what we really feel inside our our body, of what we project into the world through our body language - consciously or unconsciously - and becoming aware of how it affects our relationships, how we "dance" with the others - this is the invitation for this unique workshop.  And of course ... you will do your first steps of dance with a Horse !

Cost : 247 $ - Includes: all materials, coaching and mindful movements with Anouk,  hands-on experiences with the horses (and bring the music of your choice to Dance with a Horse!), snacks and drinks

From 9:00 am till 5:00 pm



Meditation with the Horses

During 1,5 to 2 hours, come and join us to meditate in the company of the horses (opening circle, preparation to the meeting with the horses, (guided and non guided meditations with the horses at liberty around you)

Cost : 30 $ pp

From 10:30 till 12 to 12:30.




"Balance your Chakras with the help of the Horses" 

A powerful 3 full day with lots of hands on sessions with the Horses more info here.


Licensed Image: Julia Dangaran / Licensing 

Downloading, republication, retransmission, reproduction, 

and all other uses of the Licensed Image are prohibited. 


During 3 days, join our herd to help you to balance your 7 chakras.

Including yoga, meditation, discovery and work on your chakras, group work, multiple sessions with the horses !

Space is limited to 6 participants to allow deep work and lots of horse time.



Let yourself be guided by the horses and your coach to :

- discover, awaken, become conscious of the imbalances of your different chakras, 

- learn different tools to re-balance them

- identify and unblock limiting beliefs and patterns, find the way to your authentic self and your life force

For each chakra, we explain you their goals, roles, characteristics, work different movements, practice meditation and meet the horses for a unique and different type of coaching session, based on © Kathy Pike' s Mind Body Spirit Method.


Every living being has energy centers (or chakras) that can be balanced and rejuvenated for higher levels of health (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, ...).  

Learn how to work with these energy centers, these wheels of energy, to create wellness, to achieve the vital energy you need to flourish, remain balanced and vibrant.

If the spinning process of one chakra is too slow, too fast or blocked, it will not only affect this chakra but all the energy centers around it.  Knowing that each Chakra governs specific glands and organs in the physical body, and specific emotional, mental and spiritual aspects, it is essential to bring the spinning process back to balance.

This system helps you to tap into your vital life energy, to support you, (and your horse if you have one), on your pathway to achieving the vital energy you need to create whatever you are wanting in your life.  And as all energetic tools, when you find more balance, the people around you, (including your horses), will feel the difference; they will be touched by this change in your vibration. 

When working in conjunction with the Mind Body Method (©Kathy Pike), you learn to become attuned to the sensations in your bodies, attuned to where the energy is blocked or out of balance and from there change can happen. By exploring the chakras, you will explore your physical, emotional and sensing body as well as your intellect.  You will work to balance it, to come back to your authentic self.

Combining the work on your chakras, with the coaching and the help of the horses is a really powerful experience of growth.  

The horses are wonderful chakra healers for humans 

They instinctively feel any unbalance in your chakra system; they feel where the vibration is different and they give immediate bioenergetics feedback. Partnering with the Horses and receiving EFLC has a deep and powerful effect.


Cost : 1070 $ - Max 6 participants!!! Book your spot now!

450-340-0535 or

Workshop in English & French 


 "Leader !" 

A one day program to work on your leadership - at work, in your family, with friends, in any situation.  Working in the presence of the Horses will bring you to an authentic leadership, uncover where your blocks are when it comes to assert yourself in a particular setting or in general, increase your self-confidence, enable you to trust your natural leadership skills and develop them.  

You will be accompanied by Anouk, EFLC certified Coach and Christian, Professional Life, Business and Agility Coach.

Cost : 247 $ pp

From 9:00 am till 5:00 pm.

Max 6 participants !!  Book your spot now !

450-340-0535 or

Includes : all materials, coaching with Anouk & Christian, your personal session with the Horses, snacks and drinks.



Level One of the Academy for Coaching with Horses


Do you want to become a certified coach in EFLC ? Or are you curious if this could be something for you ?


This 7-day EFLC Level One is designed to blend horse wisdom with the human experience to expand possibilities and consciousness with a focus on helping people access their true authenticity and potential. You will participate in the 3-day Dance of Authenticity through the Wisdom of the Horse program, have one day off, then continue with 4 full days of EFLC Level One training designed to begin developing the ability to coach a client in the presence of a horse. You will uncover new skills based on a body-centered awareness with an emphasis on coaching.

 More info on the specific page for this training : EFLC Training Level One

Completing this program allows you to continue through the yearlong EFLC Certification Program created by and offered by Kathy Pike. 

Upcoming Dates:

CANADA, Province of Quebec, Morin-Heights (Laurentians) from July 18th till July 25th 2019

The EFLC Level One program includes :

- the three-day Dance of Authenticity through the Wisdom of the Horse workshop (July 18-19-20 2019), 

- followed by one day off and then the four-day EFLC Level One training program (July 22-23-24-25 2019).

 To register:

 Call directly: +1-450-340-0535 

Or Register here:

 To learn more about Kathy Pike and the Academy for Coaching with Horses  :




Workshop Drumming and Horses 




In the presence of these beautiful beings and in the middle of nature, play the sacred drum, learn what the Horses have to teach us about ourselves, meet them physically and through meditation and journeying, listen to their wisdom and the messages they have for you in a unique growth opportunity setting.


« We are all relatives »




Cost : 247 $ - Max 10 participants!!! Book your spot now!

450-340-0535 or


A workshop co-created by

Catherine Rose BearHeartWoman – medicine woman and

Anouk Lorie – certified coach in Equine Facilitated Learning and Coaching

Bilingual workshop



If you have one, bring your Drum with you !



"Man meets Horse - Discovering the Authentic Man" 

- Why men, why now ?  Come explore with us and start to find the answers to help you thrive in a changing world - 2,5 day workshop for men only - New Egypt, NJ, USA

In collaboration with Unbridled Life Coaching.



January 27th-30th 2019 : Annual Academy for Coaching with Horses Retreat and Conference

The Fourth Annual Academy for Coaching with Horses Retreat and Conference - Evolving the Collective Consciousness by becoming One with Horse

Kathy Pike and her team of 9 EFLC certified coaches offer you a unique experience combining different hands-on sessions with Horses in a retreat-like setting (at The White Stallion Ranch near Tucson, AZ, USA)

More info and list of presentations :





As soon as the weather enables it : Meditation with the Horses (in French and English)

You cannot come on a Sunday ?  Contact us, we will organize a session during the week for you !


Experiment being in the presence of the Horses to meditate

Join us for one hour and a half in Morin-Heights, every Sunday 


From 10:30 am till 11:30 am  (sometimes 12:00) 


Please book your spot as we limit the number of participants to 10 - to guarantee the quality of the interactions you will have with the horses.

No previous experience required, neither in meditation, or with horses.


Cost : 30 $ per person per session 
Contact : Anouk 450-340-0535 or

It is natural for the horses to live in the present moment, to listen to their body, to be high sensitive to what is around them.  To meditate in the presence of these amazing beings and in their space brings the experience to a deep level.

We breathe, practice mindfulness exercices, guided or free meditations, depending on the day and what the Horses want to offer us. 


 On demand : Balance your chakras with the Horses as guides - VIP or group - 

6 sessions of 4 to 4,5 hours each


Click here for more info : Chakras and Horses Workshop





More info to come !