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Our mission and values have led us to create

« Wásábi Coaching for the Community ».


Often, children and adults need urgent help but for various reasons, cannot afford the services that could help them. 

We want to serve the ones who need it the most, this is a life and heart-driven mission.

Everyone has their own resources even in the most difficult times, even if the self-confidence, self-esteem, motivation have disappeared, these resources are there, inside the person.  We want to help these people, with the horses as guides, to gain clarity, self awareness, regain who they really are and bring them back on the path to their authentic self and to their life purpose.

We want to offer our help free of charge for the people who need it the most, in collaboration with associations, schools, youth detention centers, etc.

You must be referred by an association/social worker to benefit from this coaching.

The funds needed for these activities (transport, horse's costs, horse handler, material, etc) are provided thanks to a donation of 5% of all the corporate activities of Wásábi Coaching and thanks to grants, contributions and donations. The coach offers her services for free.

Email or call Anouk for more information about how we can help.


 Children in need

 You are a teacher, a school director, or a social worker and you know a child who really needs assistance but the family cannot afford it.  Please contact us, to define the child’s needs and assistance options*.

 Adults in need

You are in a precarious situation or you have a serious illness, we can assist you*.


What can we do for you ? Are you suffering from trauma, PTSD, trying to find a new purpose in your life, trying to restore good relationships with your family and friends? Come and work with our horses.  We can help you *.

 First responders

Have you been a victim or witnessed a traumatic event?  Do you have conflicts with members of your team?  The horses and Wásábi Coaching can help you *.




* Disclaimer : We do NOT provide medical or any other health care or fitness advice, diagnosis or treatment.  We do NOT substitute for specific medical or mental health advice, examination, diagnostic or treatment. The coaching helps the people to access their own resources - see information page "What is coaching"