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Coaching with the Help of Horses

The combination of classic coaching techniques, Mind-Body-Method coaching models and working with our equine partners  (teachers, guides) allows the person to quickly access their personal resources. This can help people to move forward with their lives, find their authentic self, their life purpose, change old patterns, and any other life issues. The collaboration of coach-horse-you facilitates the acquisition of new behaviors, memories, new skills, awarenesses, understanding, values, and help to develop new and durable solid bases.

The coach analyses the reactions of the horses, how they reflect  what is happening within you. This helps to guide you in your process. You become aware of your incongruences.  The horses sense what is true for us and whether our current thoughts, emotions, behavior, are aligned with our true self.  They show us how to thrive in the present and going forward.

The horse makes the learning much simpler, clearer and enables lasting memories.                                                                           

Working in a nonjudgmental environment, the  horse actually changes the person they work with.  They teach us to develop self-love which leads to regaining the passion for life. You will access deeper awareness, healthier boundaries, authentic communication and leadership.  The learning is visceral (it is anchored to both the spirit and the body at the cellular level), growth is facilitated, personally and professionally.

When working with teams or families around communication, leadership, boundaries, assertiveness, ... in a mindfulness approach, you will learn to think and act differently, with trust, knowing the individuals you are working or living with, the benefits of thriving (not surviving) as a group, like horses do in a herd.

This happens in a safe, quiet and supportive environment that allows you to slow down, to be vulnerable, to focus on yourself and to connect.

Here is a short video about our vision of this work, filmed by James Anaquad Kleinert at Kathy Pike's facility : (Password "The")