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Personal Coaching for Adults

The list of challenges we as adults encounter in our lives is very long...  This can destabilize us or even sometimes destroy us.  You may choose to stay in a “victim” state or to act, to stay inactive or to explore the changes that are possible to make,  the life you are meant to live.  We can help you through this journey or your transition period.

Act, decide, change, reclaim who you are, find your personal power, be the master of your own life, enjoy life.

Take a step forward, with the help of the horses, stop your limiting beliefs, and find your path.

Here are some issues our herd and our coaches are able to work on with adults : help and support with burn out, illness, loss of identity, loss of aim in life, divorce, loss of a loved one, boundaries, self-esteem, personal power, leadership, …

Personal Coaching for Teenagers

Wásábi Coaching techniques can be adapted specifically to help teenagers.  They have the exceptional ability to easily reconnect to their body and sensations that enable the coaching to be even more efficient and faster than with the adults.  Working with an animal also makes the fear of being judged disappear, helping them to progressively regain trust in themselves and in others.

Teenagers and young adults encounter a lot of challenges.  We help them, thanks to the horses, to manage these challenges and to re-create solid bases to build their future.

Here are some issues our herd and our coaches are able to work on with the teenagers : help and support for drop-outs, divorce of parents, attachment issues, loss of a loved one, loss of identity, future guidance, loss of self-esteem…


Cost : 

The first coaching session is 4 hours long (indivisible block).

You come on site and this includes :   

- your personal coaching

- the essential learnings from the horses and to work with them

- two moments with the horses

- your working documents

The cost for this first session is 450 tx included.

(Included is a coaching call, one week after the session, to answer your questions regarding your experience).


The next sessions last 1,5 to 2,5 hours, on site, and includes a coaching session with the horses and classic coaching. The cost is 150 $ per hour, taxes included.

The Coaching with Horses technique is highly efficient.  Please plan on 1 to a maximum of 6 work sessions.

Theses prices are valid until December 2020.

© Wásábi Coaching

© Wásábi Coaching