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What Coaching is NOT

 Coaching defines itself as the discipline focused on the development of the human potential. It must not be mistaken for nor likened to the following occupations :


- Therapy : The psychologist is a professional who possesses a master's degree or doctorate in psychology. This training is centered on the understanding of the human behavior and on the learning of multiple techniques to help the patient to solve his/her psychological difficulties.(according to Ordre des psychologues du Québec

-  Mentorship : Mentor (according to « Mentorat-Québec : ( - mentorat) Person of experience who possesses the experience and the wisdom which incite value of the transfer of experiences to other people. The mentor is thus inclined to offer their skills, knowledge and vision of life to others, to support them in the realization of their personal and professional objectives.

- The consultancy service/expertise: the consultant is an expert in a specific area, capable of supplying solutions. The consultant generally analyses, diagnoses, and finally suggests potential solutions.

- The advice: the advisor is an analyst qualified in a specific area, skillful to suggest options or solutions. The advisor helps people to make decisions in an area in which he is specifically qualified: career orientation, commercial or family mediation, relations, transition, etc. 

The training: the trainer helps people to develop knowledge and skills in a particular field of human activity.