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Our horses

We are currently working with three horses and will extend our herd as soon as possible.

The horses participating in this type of coaching are not mounted in the framework of the program, which allows us to work with older horses, injured, abandoned  or have had some issues.  This program offers them a new purpose in life as well as a good quality of life.

The horses are amazing teachers and highly appreciate the work.

Horses who have suffered trauma, violence or abandonment are exceptionally helpful assisting people who have had the same issues. This kind of program allows the horses to help healing themselves as well.


Lily is a 13 year old registered Haflinger.  She was born in Ohio on April 20th 2003.  We do not know a lot about her past, except that she has been used as a plough horse and had a lot of different owners.

In April 2015,  we found her and fell in love with her sweet dark brown eyes, her playfulness and internal treasures that you will discover.

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Summer is an 18 year old retired mare.  She did a lot of jumping and dressage competitions and now has some physical issues. Summer is now running for pleasure only, in the huge pastures of the Ferme Duquette in Val David.  So sweet, so elegant, her dark black eyes will ask you a lot of questions and guide you on your path.


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Nahida-Grace is a 16 year old retired mare.  She did a lot of jumping and dressage competition as her half-sister Summer.  She is half pur-sang and half hanovrian. We saved her from the slaughterhouse and changed her name from "Saywhat" to "Nahida" which means "She is alive again" in Apache and Grace, as gracious as she is and graced to get a second chance in life.  She will now be loved forever and will touch your heart with her high sensitivity.


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